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Official Sailor Moon V Web Page
Nephlyte's Cathedral

A Definitive and Official "Sailor Moon V" Web Page
and Collection of Works by Troy A. Stanton

Current Projects:
SMV*DA #13
The Essence of Chaos

Voltron, Defender of the Universe
Midnight Hours

Current Status Report

The Dark Adventures
A look through a darkened lens into the magical fantasy world
of Sailor Moon, where things are not as happy-go-lucky as the
original series would have you believe...

The Tales of the Night
A series of short glimpses into what takes place in the quiet
bedrooms of the Sailor Scouts and their romantic interests...
(Adult Situations, please exercise discretion when reading.)

The Forsaken Library
A collection of various short stories about this, that, and the other
that I have started writing over the years, but for some reason that
I never got around to finishing. Read if you like, but be warned.

Susan's Gallery
A small collection of graphic images and pictures that people
have been kind and generous enough to not only take the time to
make but to share them with me and their fellow SMV fans.

Miscellaneous Information
Legal mumbo-jumbo you probably don't want look at, but it has to
be posted anyway just to cover my ptanka. Just read the damn thing
and get it over with. Has my e-mail address too, if you care.

*Send Me An Email!*
C'mon, how the bloody hell am I going to know if I'm doing a good
job of writing or not if you don't take three minutes out of your
day to tell me? Better yet, if you've got an English degree, take
a red pen to my creations and tell me how to make it better....